The Rio Grande Valley Dermatology Residency Program offers elective clinical rotations to students who have completed their core clinical rotations and are in their final year of medical school.  A maximum of a four-week rotation maybe scheduled up to three months in advance.  An elective rotation is also available for residents in the Corpus Christi Medical Center Residency Programs and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine Residency Programs (UTRGV).

Affiliation agreements also exist for the Nurse Practitioner Program students and Physician Assistant Program student of UTRGV to participate in an elective rotation.

While we do consider medical students for a 2-4 weeks rotation to learn dermatology, we do not participate in “Audition Rotation” for the purpose of residency program application consideration.  The Residency Selection Committee is comprised of faculty members who are not directly involved in medical student rotations.  Any student who rotates through our program will have absolutely no additional advantage over applicants who did not rotate at our program.  If you are interested in the residency, please apply through ERAS and present your best application.  Actual interview invitation will be provided as part of the Residency Selection Process.  The time spent at the rotation will be mostly with our dermatology residents.  Please approach our rotations as a learning opportunity rather than as part of an application to the residency program.  If you are still interested, please continue with the following information.

The following are requirements for ALL visiting students:

  1. Malpractice Insurance – Proof must be submitted. Most medical schools will provide a certificate of insurance. If your school does not provide malpractice insurance for you on “away” electives, please be sure to provide proof of your own insurance.
  2. Health Insurance – Proof of health insurance must be provided with the application form.
  3. Immunizations – Must be up to date.
  4. Medical/Residency/PA/NP School Approval – Must be in the final year, in good academic standing and meet all requirements to complete an elective for academic credit.
  5. Copy of your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Please email all information to for consideration